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Post updated 13 January 2017

I have had numerous queries about studying Graphic Design at UNISA. So, for those of you who would like to know more here is some information to get you started.

UNISA does not offer a degree or diploma in Graphic Design. What they do offer is a Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) with specialisation in Multimedia Studies. This Degree has a distinctive contemporary art focus and students are required to do practical painting, drawing and sculpture as part of the course.

Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts)

Qualification stream: Multimedia Studies: Multimedia in Digital Visual Arts
Qualification code: 02305 – MMD
NQF level: 6
Total credits: 360


  1. The first step is to apply for a student number. For application dates visit
  2. Submission of portfolio of artworks and completed questionnaire (PDF) to obtain a “permission slip” (accepted all year, student number required). All applicants receive a student number in admission phase in Step 1
  3. Registration website:

Prospective students must keep in mind that they have to attend TWO workshops for every practical module they enrol for. This is a requirement of the university and the department. Workshops and exam assessments are done in Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban only.

For registration dates visit

For more information visit the UNISA website.

For queries regarding BVA and BA in Multimedia Studies, study fees, portfolio approvals and all other administrative details please contact:

Art Help Desk
Tel: 012 429 6243

Administrator for General BVA, Multimedia Degree Information, Portfolio Approvals, Permission Slips: Fihliwe Ndala
Tel: 012 429 6798

Co-ordinator of Multimedia Degree: Andrew Smith
Tel: 012 429 6573

Multimedia Lab Manager: Daandrey Steyn
Tel: 012 429 8488

Location and Physical Address
The Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology is situated at the Sunnyside Campus of the University of South Africa (UNISA)
Building 12C, Corner of Walker and Mears Streets
Sunnyside, Pretoria

Postal Address
University of South Africa (UNISA)
The Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology
Sunnyside Campus, Building 12C
P O Box 392
Unisa 0003

62 Responses

  • Could you please provide the cost for this degree and do you offer diploma course. Are all books supplied and if not how much will that be.

    Thank you

  • my finished IT diploma this year in pc traning and business collage,so now i am intreested in doing graphic design so i would like to if u previte short couses for it and if not still i would like to know how can i apply for it

  • hi im currently working and i have a diploma in graphic design and i so much wanna further my studies can i study part time at unisa?

  • Hi –

    How long will the course take- I’ve studied film and media at afda – so I’m more interested in graphic desin



  • Hi- I completed a 3 year degree at AFDA in Film and Media- would I get any credits for this if I enrolled to do the degree course (02305-MC1) at Unisa? thanks

  • Good day

    I am interested in the Bachelor of Arts degree : visual multimedia course, online.

    Can you give me all information about this course, I cannot open this on the internet.


    Shene Drotskie

    • Hi Shene, it looks like the UNISA server is down… You’ll have to try again later, just click on the like above. Let me know if you still can’t get access.

  • Hi, I am just finishing up my diploma in photography and would like to study a degree in graphic design. However I am well aware of the requirements and portfolio submissions I have to make. However I am definitely not that good at drawing and wouldn’t want to take these subjects in the degree that UNISA offers. Is there another way? or other accredited modules I could replace those with?

  • Hi Erica, i have a diploma in industrial art and design and i want to add a graphics course to it, wats ur advise on that.

  • Do yourself a favour, and DON’T study through Unisa. After doing everything I was supposed to do (that you listed above), I was registered for the LLB (law) instead of the BA. After a month of trying to fix it, they haven’t. After some research, I’m not the only person who has been wrongly registered and nothing has been done by Unisa to fix it. Their BA is considerably cheaper than the other options, but is it worth pulling out all your hair for? I’m currently researching other options for distance education.

    • Sorry to hear that Amy. I would suggest that you rather choose a University, Uninversity of Technology or Independant school, as it can be difficult to study such a practical based course through correspondence. Best of luck.

      • Thanks Erica. I did finally get a response from Unisa earlier – because I complained on hellopeter. But I’m unsure as to whether to still study there because of my bad experience (and of others). I understand that it would be easier to study in an actual classroom, but I don’t have that luxury as I have to work. What are your thoughts on Style Design College’s e-learning courses? I saw an earlier post of yours where you listed them. I have been doing research and have emailed them (with a response!) but I wondered if you knew anything further?

  • Hi i would like to know where i can study a proper diploma or degree course in graphic/web design via correspondence.

  • Hi

    I just want to know how does the whole “admission letter works” “permission slip” works because I’m currently studying commercial studies with UNISA but, I just feel that I have made the wrong choice so now I want to do BA degree in multimedia and visual art.

    So just clarify the thing of permission slip because I don’t even have a portfolio.

    Thank you

  • I would like to do a degree in Media Studies at Unisa and I want to know if they offer one.I completed a programme in Purchasing and Supply Management.Recently, I am doing Supply Chain Management.I want to divert to humanities and I like Media.Hope you cane assist me.

  • Hi Erica.
    Upon contacting UNISA, they told me that these Multimedia Courses are not quite Graphic DEsign. I was told that there are aspects of Graphic Deign, but it is not indepth enough to be called a Graphic Design course. Can you explain?

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comments. The UNISA course is a Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) with specialisation in Multimedia Studies and is thus more focussed on Culture and Arts rather than Graphic Design. For an internationally recognised and accredited course in Graphic Design I would recommend studying full time – at least a three year degree or diploma. I can understand that for some this is not an option. You can try the new foundation course at GetSmarter and if anyone else has information about studying Graphic Design through correspondence, please can you reply here or email me the info. Thanks

      • Thanks Erica. Love your Blog!! My last question is – realistically, how recognized is this course in the eyes of professionals in the real world? I understand that it is not internationally recognized and accredited, but will I be taken note of in the eyes of a Graphic Design company?


  • Is it possible to continue with this course and retrieve credits for previously studying Graphic Design at another institute?

  • Hi Erica – I am unable to obtain any proper detailed info regarding the curriculum, study modules, subjects on the courses listed above. The links are dead, and the Unisa page states that the curriculum is not yet set. My son would like to get a BA in Graphic Design, but is unsure of what course to follow. All is very confusing, and Unisa have not responded to my email sent to their address a week ago. The closing date for application is this coming Friday. I really would appreciate some advice here, as we are hoping to switch from an independent college to UNISA.

  • I’m currently studying at uj doing a bachelor of communication design, I wish to study at unisa, will I get any credits?

  • Hello I would like to find where is the UNISA is located now if they are still in Newcastle or not? would you please reply and let me know as soon as possible.

    Thanks Kayla

  • Hello Erica, I would like to know which University would you recommend then for me if I want to study Multimedia and Web Designing/Web Development; since you have made me known that UNISA doesn’t have a course in Graphic designing and Multimedia, but the one they have involves painting, drawing and sculpting which I’m not interested in, okay? Thanks

    • As mentioned in my blog post, UNISA does not offer a degree or diploma in Graphic Design. What they do offer is a Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) with specialisation in Multimedia Studies. More information is available from the UNISA website

  • hi my name is Papi, I have a Diploma in ceramic design and now I want to do visual multimedia with Unisa, is it possible?

  • Hi

    For the portfolio of artwork, will previous graphic design work be suitable or must it be drawings/paintings?


  • I’d like to find out more about this course for my Son. Can you please contact me on my e-mail. I have a few questions.

    warmest regards
    Tania Oliver

  • Hi am are financial management student been studying accounting since high school but recently i got interest in graphic designer .I haven’t done art before i dont have any experience in doing it so I wanna know if it is possible for a person like me to do graphic designer know as i dont have any knowledge about it.

  • Hi my daughter matriculated last year in 2017 with a bachelors pass. She wants to study graphic design. Any suggestions please

  • Hi, if my son has completed his first year for ND : Graphic Design, does he get any credits and what can he register for?

    Thank you

  • Hi, I have a degree in Education (B. Ed) I’m in interested in in doing Graphic design please help what can I do.

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