Where to study graphic design in South Africa

So you want to be a graphic designer and don’t know where to start? Well back in the day when I decided to study graphic design there weren’t many design schools to choose from, but today you have a choice of independent schools, colleges, universities and universities of technology. You can do a short course, diploma or even a degree.

Graphic design is a great occupation! So to help you begin, here is a list of design schools in South Africa. To assist future students I have added a school rating system. Please give the schools listed a fair and honest rating.

Independent Schools & College

AAA School of Advertising

3.4 (67.26%) 113 votes

Artshub Institute

2.7 (54.89%) 47 votes

Cape Town Creative Academy (CTCA)

3.4 (68.45%) 71 votes


3.1 (61.2%) 50 votes

CTU Training Solutions

3.3 (66.67%) 21 votes


2.6 (52.11%) 38 votes

ELMI College

  • East London
  • Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design
  • 1 year (Full Time)
  • www.elmi.co.za
3.6 (72.86%) 14 votes

friends of design

3.1 (62.14%) 28 votes

Greenside Design Center

2.9 (58.3%) 47 votes

Inscape Design College

  • Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town
  • Graphic Design Diploma or Degree
  • 3 Years
  • www.inscape.co.za
3.3 (66.41%) 78 votes

Oakfields College

  • East Rand, Pretoria and Somerset West
  • National Certificate in Interactive Media.
  • 010 591 7314 | 012 361 0416 | 021 850 0383
  • 2 Years
  • www.oakfieldscollege.co.za
3.2 (64.57%) 35 votes

Open Window School of Visual Communication

3.5 (70.27%) 74 votes

Prestige Academy

2.6 (51.43%) 28 votes

Red and Yellow Graphic Design

2.8 (56.15%) 26 votes

Rosebank College

2.3 (45%) 36 votes

Ruth Prowse School of Art

2.2 (43.53%) 17 votes
3 (60%) 32 votes

Vega School of Brand Leadership

  • Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town
  • BA Graphic Design
  • 3 Years
  • www.vegaschool.com
3.1 (62.5%) 24 votes


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  • Port Elizabeth
  • National Diploma: Graphic Design
  • 3 Years
  • 4th Year BTech Graphic Design
  • www.nmmu.ac.za
2.5 (50.29%) 35 votes

North West University

3 (59.05%) 21 votes

University of Johannesburg

3.1 (62.76%) 29 votes

University of Pretoria

3.2 (63.81%) 42 votes

University of Stellenbosch

2.9 (58.33%) 24 votes

Universities of Technology

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

2.5 (49%) 20 votes

Central University of Technology

2.5 (50.91%) 22 votes
2.6 (52.5%) 16 votes

Tshwane University of Technology

3.1 (62.22%) 27 votes

Vaal University of Technology

  • Vanderbijlpark
  • Department of Visual Arts and Design
  • www.vut.ac.za
2.4 (48.89%) 18 votes

Short Courses

Boston City Campus & Business College

2 (40.91%) 22 votes


2.5 (50.61%) 49 votes

Keyline Graphics

1.6 (31.19%) 59 votes

Pixel Craft

4.3 (85.75%) 73 votes

358 Responses

  • I’ve finished my matric last year & im keen in studying graphic design at tut but I don’t have a design portfolio what should I do if I ain’t studied GD before.?

  • Hi Erica

    I’m very good at drawing and I’m thinking of applying at TUT for graphic design course but the problem is that they need a portfolio when applying for graphic design and I don’t know what to put inside the portfolio. should I include like my favorite pictures of artist that I have drawn??

  • Hi, I’m looking to study UX or UI and I know a lot of multimedia courses offer it in the final year where would you suggest is a good place to study multimedia design

  • hello, I was also looking at Style Design College and was wondering if anyone managed to find out if this is a legitimate college?

  • Hello, drwing is my talent so i supposed to design because i am good with drawing, i wish one day to design my new models cars that will be including for disabilities people like me to feel like everybody. so the problem is i didint finish at school but i need the college who deal with dwaing pls

  • Hi I’m also looking for a place to study and to study something that will have a positive out put after my studies but I don’t know what to study and I’m good at art but I don’t know what to study.

  • Hi Erica, what are the options for children with learning disabilities but are creative. The normal tertiary educational process and systems don’t really cater or enable these kids to take the next step in their lives. Do you know of any institutes that supports dyslexic and learning disabled kids tertiary education in graphic design or any other design fields.

  • I want to do a Graphic Design, a diploma for 2 years, i’m located in Johannesburg, but it’s being a difficult to find a college where i can do Diploma of Graphic Design for 2 years, if any one knows one please be free to suggest me. Thank you!

  • Hi erica

    Are there still no learning institutions in SA.. that offer a diploma in GD on a part time basis? Im based in durban and have searched everywhere but cant find any thing. So bummed 🙁

  • I am a student studying interactive media NQ5at artshub institute.I am very interested in studying Graphic design but I can’t continue my studies at a private college because I don’t have the funds and I am currently on a scholarship.So I need advice.Should I continue studies at a University because they have financial aid or look for a internship?

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