Interest in studying Web Design has grown tremendously over the past few years and I get numerous queries about where to study Web Design in South Africa.

Study Web Design

It’s important to note that Web Design is different to Web Development as is focussed more on the customer-facing part of the website whereas Web Development is the back-end of the website, the programming and interactions on the pages.

If you are intent on studying Web Design, here is a list of schools for you:

Study Web Design at Independent Schools & Colleges


  • Cape Town and Johannesburg
  • Diploma in Multimedia Design and Production
  • Higher Certificate in New Media Development


  • Bellville, Cape Town
  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Web Design and Development


University of Pretoria

Short Courses

Concept Interactive


Pixel Craft

The Centre for Software Engineering (UNISA)

Web Design

If you would like more information about Web Design, have a look at Ultimate Guide to Web Design brought to you by

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  1. Hi,

    I also found – I finished their 10 day course after taking a 2 year diploma at F.O.D

    I most definitely learned more in my 10 days than in the 2 years. Their courses are very practical and easy to understand with best practices.

    Just thought id let you know about them.


    1. Hi Sonja,

      I am actually thinking of studying at F.O.D this year (the web design course). Would you recommend it? It doesn’t sound like it from your comment. It would be really helpful to get firsthand info from someone who’s already been there and done that before I commit to this big decision (and big course fee)! Could I perhaps email you to ask a few questions about the F.O.D and your experience there?

      1. Hi Gina,

        Apologies for the late reply. You can surely email me. But yes it is definitely worth it. I have returned twice already for more courses. Now doing my PHP with them. Their courses are great for beginners all the way to very advanced.

    2. Hi Sonja

      Please help I want to study how to design a website from scratch I see you highly recommend Web design academy… My concerns are they offer courses in 2 to 5 days… Can u really learn everything in such a short time? Will I be able to get a job with their certificate? Please will really appreciate your help…


      1. Hi Sarah, not sure if you have gotten in touch with them. The 5 day course is great. Even the 2 day Introduction course. You will be able to build a fully functional website after the first class(2days).

        You wont go wrong with Web Design Academy.

    3. Web design academy in centurion certainly they are good for those who know an just wanted to refresh. They focus on those who know and they move at their pace. Begginers I won’t recommend any one. They are just after money that’s it. After care for begginers is just sales point to have hope of learning after a floped training.

      It was just a waste of money

      1. Hi Lefa, They offer a free refresher class, why don’t you do that. I personally found the course very informative and so easy to follow. I was a total newbie and completed the 5 day course initially and then completed the 15 day afterwards. The after course support is also excellent. They helped me so much with my first website. I am now full time employed as a web designer. I would suggest these courses to anyone. Do the free refresher course.

  2. Hi Erica,

    Great article thank you for your time in putting it together. I would also like to highlight They recently opened a new branch in Johannesburg and their courses are really awesome. I did a 5 day course with them and am now full time employed as a web designer. As Sonja mentioned, their courses are very easy to follow, to the point and practical,which makes all the difference. Even for someone like me that had no experience at all. I highly recommend their courses for anyone wanting to get into website design. Love your site btw.

  3. Hello,

    My son has just matriculated, with IT as one of his subjects. He is interested in a video editing short course. He has an aptitude for computers and design and would like to introduce him to an institution where he can do short courses but also perhaps then study further or receive industry support. Currently he does not know what he wants to do after school. We live in Benoni. Can you direct us?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jeanine,

      Yes most definitely. There courses are really great. They have a new PHP course now which I will definitely take. I completed their 13 day course and it is the best thing that I ever did. I am really happy I did not waste 3 years of my life. Their courses are very in depth and very easy to understand. I will always recommend them. Changed my life…

  4. Where are the best places to study Web Development In Cape Town ?
    Whenever I do Searches it always ends up being Web Design
    I want to study development.

  5. Hey!

    Everyone is raving about Web Design academy, but I stay in Cape Town so I was wondering if there is an equivalent online academy this side?


    1. Hi Nonhlanhla, sorry but I don’t have those details. Contact the Durban branch, I am sure they will help you – 031 903 1132

  6. Hi Erica, I just wanted to say thank you for your post. If it was not for this I would not have found Web Design Academy. I just completed their 13Day course and am blown away with all the really great course content. We actually design / develop actual websites in class. I can now design proper websites. So just thought I’d say thank you for your informative blog post. For anyone wanting to study web design you will not regret Web Design Academy

  7. I just completed the 13 Day course with Web Design Academy. I actually completed it with Nonhlanhla above 🙂 Nice meeting you Nonhlanhla .

    I am a house wive and so glad I completed this course. Web Design Academy opened up a lot of possibilities for me and thought I’d share here as this is where I found out about them. The tutor is really great. The way we learned from not knowing anything at all gradually through to really awesome responsive websites. The class had only 6 students so we could all ask any questions and get personal attention. They really know their stuff with no useless information at all. Just the juicy stuff 🙂 Friendly and helpful staff – 5 Stars from me.

    Thank you very much Erica. I am following your Blog and love your posts. I am recommending it to my friends also. I cant thank you enough. Thanks Thanks Thanks for a great blog.


    My company wand to send me on web design training, I found your site and read the rave reviews on Web Design Academy. As the company is paying I was asked to thoroughly research the institution….

    Web Design Academy had an official looking logo stating they where Adobe Accredited – however upon contacting Adobe to verify we learned that Web Design Academy was NOT accredited by Adobe and that they were basically lying to the public. This is fraudulent behaviour and should be known by anyone looking to study. I am even questioning the above reviews.

    I would tell all student to not take companies at face value, certainly not one who and properly research the institution -including visits to their premises before signing up.

    1. Who cares about Adobe in today’s web industry. There are so many tools available, and all free. The Web design tutor is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Certified Dreamweaver Expert, the Academy is not, even he said that there is no point in getting Adobe certified anymore as adobe is not HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP, they just a software company charging way too much for something you can get for free. You should have visited their offices to see for yourself. So many people cant be wrong about the same thing.

  9. Hi Erica, I am in the middle of completing a 10 day course with Web Design Academy and also very very happy with my choice. I completed a Dreamweaver course at Keyline and i can tell you that I am so glad that I found your post and in turn Web Design Academy. Their courses are really excellent. In my first 2 days I learned more than i ever imagined and that is only the introduction. I have been trying to learn with videos for about a year now and their courses just blew me away. I thought I’d share here with anyone looking to learn, you will not be disappointed. I will report back here when we finished the 10 day. Your blog post means a lot, thanks Erica. All the best. Juan

  10. lol!

    adobe is the industry standard in graphic design – Dreamweaver is the one of the most important softwares in web design. Just look at any advertised job- Dreamweaver and photoshop is a must! Stop the misinformation. People are coming here to get advised –

    Erica, perhaps you can chime in.

    1. Have you not seen brackets or any other WYSIWYG application. Dreamweaver is most definitely not a must Mark. Maybe if you don’t know HTML and CSS good enough then it might be for you. If you know HTML and CSS well you can code it in any application – brackets for instance – it’s free and also from adobe, so don’t force your misinformation if that is all you know. Adobe has been the industry standard but definitely not any more, you should stay up to date with the technology not the application.

    2. You are wrong sir, Dreamweaver is not a must have for Web Design, Maybe for Graphics Adobe is still good but HTML & CSS can be coded even in notepad. So, sorry to say but your comment sounds like sour grapes..

  11. Hi Guys, Just a quick update. I finished my 10 Day with WEB DESIGN ACADEMY and really happy about my choice. Thanks to this website I found the course I was looking for. Their courses are really great as everyone else is saying. And BTW, Adobe Dreamweaver is definitely not a must have, You must know HTML and CSS not Dreamweaver. GREAT COURSES, Thanks !

  12. I hunted for a course that I thought would be best suited to me and what I would need to walk away with and I found WEB DESIGN ACADEMY and I am pleased that I chose them above some of the others that I found. I investigated the actual premises and the lecturer himself and was confident when I started that my money was being well spent.

    He was patient with me and we ran through the things I struggled with until I understood, and I was appreciative of the one on one interaction and the care taken to make sure that I was keeping up. I did the thirteen day course and some of the course content I had never done before, so that extra attention was needed.

    I have yet to implement everything that I have learned as we are still developing the company website and various social media sites/ blogs – but I am excited and also stoked to know I can send an email and ask for help if I need it. The course as a whole was super inspiring for me as a total beginner. It’s informative and exciting and I imagine for those who have some experience under their belts it’s just as awesome to have that refresher and that reminder.

    I recommend it! Thumbs up five stars all round recommend it!

  13. My vote also goes to Web Design Academy. I completed a 5 Day course with them and very happy with my decision. Their courses are really awesome ! World class training. If you want to learn web design go with them.

  14. Hi Erica, thank you for a very nice informative post. I really appreciate your time in making it easy for me looking to do a Web Design Course. Thank you, God Bless

  15. Hi Erica

    I want to learn how to design a website from scratch. I have no previous experience in the designing of websites and would like to learn how to design something like Junkmail or OLX, but for a local community. I understand that you recommend WDA. Which course would you recommend?

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Frans Vermaak

    1. Hi Frans, sorry I am only getting back to you now. If you want to create websites like OLX etc, you need to learn Web Development more then Web Design. You will need to focus on HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Best of luck!

  16. I really enjoyed my courses with Web Design Academy. Excellent course material and so happy I went with them. The team at WDA knows their stuff !

  17. Hi Erica

    The Centre for Software Engineering (Unisa) offers two short courses of interest: Introduction to Internet and Web Design – which is comprehensive despite the title. On completion students can register for the short course Developing Web Applications with PHP. See

  18. I am seeing lots of great reviews about Wed Design Academy, however, I cannot help wondering how comprehensive the content is when there are so many topics crammed into such a short time. Would anyone please give some insight into this.


  19. Hi Erica
    My firstborn is interested in attending the Open Window Institute in Centurion Pretoria .
    We are currently looking at the BA degree in film Arts.
    I would like to know how the industry view students from this private university?

  20. Hello Erica, first of thank you very much for the post. I listened to most comments in here and also completed a 15day course with Web Design Academy. I thought the information will be overload but the way they present their classes are just amazing. It is so easy to understand and follow along in class. In total we designed about 8 websites in our 15 days which included mobile / responsive design as well as animations, graphics and optimisation. I will definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to go into Website Design or Development. Their jQuery and PHP courses are also very easy to understand. Thanks to Erica Designs i found my passion in life.

  21. Hi hi,

    So want to do the Web Design Academy course, but can only study part time.

    Anything similar to their 15 day course around the Gauteng area? Need to rebuild my company’s website, and add a separate online shop…

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Hi Guys,

    I finished a 3 year degree in multimedia and online media. I have been trying to get a job for the last 2 years. After I completed the 15 Day Guru course by Web Design Academy I managed to find a job after 2 months. The amount of information you get in this course is absolutely amazing. The best part is that they only focus on all the most important things with no useless information, hence the time frame. It was so easy to understand the training and I am so grateful for finding this website to point me in their direction. Thank you very much Erica. I would recommend Web Design Academy for anyone serious about Website Design. Their level of training is World class. Thanks again Erica. You are a life changer 🙂

  23. hello eveyone. firstly, than you Erika for a very informative piece and also giving everyone a platform to discuss. ive been googling for a while now trying to find training centres in SA that are informative and also accredited. I have a diploma in graphic and web design and now im wanting to explore the programming side. i have read all the comments and everyone raving about Web Design academy and it sounds promising but the problem is that it isn’t really accredited. I am looking at the possibility of immigrating to New Zealand and I would like to build up my skills and qualifications that will be accepted there. I’ve looked into Unisa as I believe it Is more accredited then most and offers the programming course is that true? Does anyone know what the rules are when it comes to accredited courses here vs in New Zealand? Any help would be appreciated

    1. Hi Alanna, Accreditation in the Web Industry is almost impossible due to the fast changing technology. What might be accredited today can be useless tomorrow. If I were you I would look at taking a course that is up to date (So short course is better that degree in this case). I took a 3 year Design and Publishing degree and when I did a short course with WDA I saw everything I learned (2 years ago) has changed so much already. I am employed full time now but that is not due to my degree but because of the neatness of my code (team environment) and secondly using the latest tech (HTML5 – WordPress etc). In the web industry your degree of 5 years ago is pretty much useless today. Company owners obviously know this and therefore look at what you know now and have you been keeping up to date with the ever changing tech. That is why short course is definitely the way to go.

  24. Thank you so much for the all shared information on learning institutes on web designs. The knowledge gives us the alternatives earning moreover, take caring own websites and blogs.

  25. Hi Sonja,

    Thank you very much for all your information. As other students did on here I also completed the 15 day course with Web Design Academy and I am blown away with all the stuff we learned in the 15 days. They packaged their courses in such an awesome way to make it easy to understand and follow. I was a complete beginner and now I can design amazing websites and edit graphics for my websites. I will definitely recommend their courses to anyone wanting to learn the latest in website design. They update their courses as the technologies change. They are also very helpful in answering questions and sharing available jobs in the industry. Why go spend 2 years and learn old technologies and guaranteed less information. Really thank you Erica for pointing me in the right direction. God Bless.

  26. Hi Erica
    My current work hours does not allow for me to take classes. I travel a lot and need some sort of course I can do on line. I see that UNISA offers web design but my previous experiences with UNISA was not great at all. I also see that UCT offers an on line web design course for 10 weeks, and found numerous other institutes I’ve never heard of. What can you recommend?

  27. Hi Erica

    I heard School Of IT’s web course is great! I loved the course. And they are reasonably priced (worked out to R230 an hour)

    Kind Regards

  28. Hello Erica,
    Your website is really a God sent. I want to thank you for the information provided. I just completed the 15 Day Course with Web Design Academy and extremely happy with the course. Absolutely to the point, amazing course material. So, I just wanted to come here and thank you for providing me with the information. Love your portfolio. God Bless – Jenn x

  29. Hello Erica and thanks for the informative post about where to study web design. After reading your comments I also decided to go to Web Design Academy – Gauteng and am so happy that I did. I actually completed a 6 month course with another of your mentioned institutes and that was a complete waste of money. I learned more in my 10 Day course with Web Design Academy than what I did in my 6 month course. I just wanted to thank you and your commenters for poining out Web Design Academy. Their courses are proper World Class. I am actually getting my first job in creative industry because of my course and all the vast knowledge. They also focus on real world examples and answer any questions you may have. Their after course support is also amazing. So I thought i just had to come share so other students can make the best choice. Thanks again for your website.

  30. Hi

    I’m looking for web developers/designers in the JHB North area, if you have any sort of data base of past graduates that I could contact (that you would recommend)? Looking for junior to mid level?

    thank you.

    1. hi Justin

      I am looking for internship have just finished Web Design Courses with Web Design Academy.You can contact me on 073 422 5152


  31. Hi Erica, I am not computer savvy but literate, no idea about much ito howto design a website, I noticed that everything these days relies in one being tech literate, I just started my business and I plan to design my own website due to budget constraints, I have heard of WordPress from Peng Joon and want to learn more on how to design my own website.
    I noticed that comments here refer to the 5 day course but looking at the duration, would you recommend the course for someone whom know literally nothing about computers besides typing on Word and Excel for their own business.

    1. Hi Tso, Jared here. I work at Web Design Academy. As long as you know how to use the very basics on a computer, like copying, pasting text, typing, browsing the internet, you should be fine. You don’t need any previous web design experience as we will start from scratch. You will learn how to build a complete website in class from start to finish.

  32. Hi Sonja, God bless you for the awesome article. I read this article about a year ago and finally did a course with Web Design Academy. I am now employed full time as a web designer and my life has changed for the better. So, I just wanted to come and say thank you for sharing this. Also thank you for all the comments. Otherwise I would have never found Web Design Academy. Their courses are really awesome and they offer excellent support and job opportunities.

  33. Amazing. I thank you and everyone that has left a comment here. I just finished studying with Web Design Academy. I actually started a 1 year course a year ago and I learned more in this 15 days than what I learned in the last year. They focus on all the important stuff from planning a website to designing it to uploading it all. In my 15 day course we actually created 7 complete websites from scratch, mobile friendly, database driven and fancy animations. What an amazing course. Thank you Erica. This article basically changed my life. Big thank you to Web Design Academy and Brian the tutor is amazing.

  34. Thanks Erica and to everyone that commented here. I decided to do a course with Web Design Academy also and I am so thankful to everyone as the courses with them was top class. The tutor is amazing and really knows his stuff. I learned so much in the last 10 days. This is by far the best available course on web design and marketing in South Africa. I will recommend this to anyone that is serious about studying web. Value for money for sure. I am working full time now as a web designer and before the course I was a hair dresser. Thanks Erica for a great connect, love your site. God Bless

  35. God Bless You Erica. I also read about WDA here and attended their 15Day course. I am so happy I did. The course was so easy to understand for me not knowing anything to designing really advanced Ecommerce websites, optimisation and everything else you need to know as a Web Designer. I just wanted to come and say thank you for posting this post. BTW, you have a good portfolio.

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