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Since posting my article, “Where to Study Graphic Design in South Africa”, I have had a few queries regarding financial aid for prospective graphic design students. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find much information, the reason being that most educational institutions will provide financial aid only once you have been accepting into the school. Below is a list of three bursary links which I found, but you had better act soon – only a few bursaries are available and most have a closing date.
Please contact me if you know any other bursaries available, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Inscape Design College

Open Window School of Visual Communication

Style Design College


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  • I like what you are doing to climatise people on the knowledge that you have about design and I am interested in graphic design for a short course but I did not do visual arts in grade 12 and the finance is tight so I would like to know where exactly can I search for busaries and which level should I start at before going for graphic design. Thank you

    • Thanks for the comments! Nthabiseng, most design schools offer a foundation course which you can do first and then go into graphic design. For you and Nteboheleng, once you know where you want to study, ask them what financial aid they offer.

  • Letlotlo Nkwadi is doing grade 9 this year, 2011. She interested in graphic design and will be happy if you can grand her a bursary.

  • hey anyone with any adice on graphic design im realy considering it and my dream is to continue in my artistic ways like mayb where the best place would be to study and bursaries….plz for 2012

  • Hi Erica, my daughter has a natural talent for design and wants to live out this dream. We tried a lot of places for bursaries. Unfortunately some place only give a bursary for R10 000 and the course is R50 000 per year. It is too little. Do you know of companies where she can go and work and do the course through the company. She will be glad if she can do it through a company, because then she knows she already have a steady job. PLEASE HELP!

  • Hi Erica
    can you please help I am looking for any company that can offer me a bursary to study Multimedia Design BA, i’ve already been accepted to Style Design College in Durban for 2013 and am really desperate for help.
    thanx alot

  • Hi Erica I’m currently studying graphic design @Central University of Technology doing my 2nd year this,I am looking for a scholarship or bursary to complete my course for next year. Thank you

  • Hi my daughter wants to study Graphic design next year(2013).
    Would like some input on SA College and Skills Academy on their Graphic design courses? They seem good, would just like to know if anyone else has any info about their courses.

  • My daughter is a first year graphic design student @ NMMU in Port Elizabeth.
    How do we go about getting or qualify in order to get a bursary for 2013.

  • Hellow Erica I am looking for financial help to pursue my career as a graphic designer, I have been doing Art all my like since primary to secondary school level and got an C symbol for visual Art in grade 12, now I want to change my passion into profit as I been doing some drawing and logo designs for fun, I want you to help me find a bursary or learnership to turn my nightmares into dreams- I would like to hear from your point of view.. Thank you

  • hi Erica

    My daughter is a second year Graphic Design and Photography student at the Stellenbosch Academy for Graphic Design and Photography. She is currently doing very well and is at the top of her class. Do you know where we can apply for bursaries for her final year and maybe also of companies where she could apply and be assured of a job when she graduates?

    Thank you


  • Good day

    This is my last year in Graphic Design at Damelin, This year I have no funding, do you know where I can get help from, Please
    Thank you for you’re consideration
    Warm Regards

  • Hi,

    Please help me get a graphic design schoolarship, I am currently on a 1st year at Dameline Collegue in Pretoria Menlyn

  • I have been accepted at University of Johannesburg to study Graphic Design in 2017 (1st year). I have a Matric distinction pass in Visual Arts. I need financial assistance, please help.

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