Client Response

The website has been VERY well received... quite a few people said that the responsiveness on mobile is really very very good and better than usual sites. It's accessible overseas which isn't true of all SA sites.... Esp linking on mobile. The layout has got quite a lot of positive feedback on and then extra features like the scrollbars etc....and that was just a few areas people have been positive about. All around, "WOW" has been the response.

Orange Grove Dairy, nestled in the foothills of the Biggersberg Mountains on Glynton Farm, Dundee requested a custom WordPress website to showcase their products. Orange Grove’s ultra-high-tech and newly rebuilt factories produce Milk, Maas, Yoghurt, Cream, Juices, asemZansi AMAHEWU and multiGo, an ancient grain and yoghurt blend.

Images and content for the website was provided by Saranne from Word Manor, specialist in content & research development.

Orange Grove Dairy

Orange Grove Dairy

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