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Every successful business has a website. It’s a simple and easy way to inform customers about who you are and what you do and to get your contact details. Websites are also used for personal blogs and portfolios. Having a website is a good way to get your name out there. But where do you start? How do you get a website? Here are some tips on where to begin:

1. Register your domain

Your domain name is your web address, like or If you want your business to have a professional presence on the internet, you should purchase its own domain name. This can be done through your internet service provider (ISP), web designer or web hosting company. Choose a name that is easy to remember and is not too long. To help with search engine rankings, you should also use keywords in the domain name.

2. Find dependable hosting

A hosting company lets you use space on their server to host your website. They need to be reliable and consistent and provide sufficient customer service and technical support. There are usually different packages available with various features, depending on the size of your site and the script it is written in. The quality of your hosting service can have a huge impact on the experience your visitors have on your website. You want them to come back, so ensure that your site is fast and reliable!

3. Impressionable website design

The best way to make a good impression is with good website design. The appearance of your site will determine whether the visitor stays or moves on to your competitor. Information must be clear and easy to find and the site should be easy to navigate with working links and features.

At ericaDesigns, I will provide you with domain registration, dependable hosting and impressionable website design. Please contact me for more information!


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  • I made my website through microsoft small businesses and you can buy a domain name or get a free one. It’s really cheap for the domain and they do the hosting etc. You have loads of templates to choose from and can put a video, slide show, gallery, weather reports and many many more. Go and check it out, i have made websites for friends and companies using microsoft, because it’s simple and easy. It’s great if your a first time website creator and not to sure what and where to begin.

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